Tectonica Design Lab is committed to providing unique climbing gym designs to suit the different visions and ethos of our clients, to push innovation and sustainability standards forwards, and to uphold our reputation in the industry . 


Our vision is to design exceptional climbing experiences, from unique refurbishments in Castle towers to ground-up multi-use and competition facilities.  


We design bespoke climbing structures from concept to completion. Our innovative approach and ability to collaborate with specialist engineers and builders enables us to take unique and aesthetic ‘WOW’ factor designs from concept to reality. 



The climbing spaces and structures are designed with a holistic approach, including the architectural and interior layout to create a sense of flow and unity throughout the project. We work closely with you as well as the route setting team to ensure the designs provide great climbing experiences for the target market, providing fantastic route setting opportunity and flexibility. 


Design Vision

Our climbing gym designs are produced by founder Michelle Wardle, who’s previous experience in architectural practise, climbing teaching, as well as extensive indoor and outdoor climbing provides the groundwork behind creating aesthetic and functional visions. Working together with Matilda on Interiors we tie the designs in as whole to establish a sense of place and community. 



We provide photorealistic visuals complete with modern holds and volumes, using the latest rendering software, to assist the design process and enable complete project understanding for the whole team during concept design. 



Once the concept design is complete, we then send the design out to tender, to the specialist builders of your choice, which allows a direct comparison between the different company cost, quality and lead times. Projects can also be split into different phases if one area is more suited to be provided by a certain manufacturer. 


Should you wish to use local builders or your own team for installation, we can provide the construction information. Using parametric software we can provide complete construction information including t-nuts for panels and battens, optimised for efficient nesting and ready for cutting by CNC. The software provides the ability to adjust parameters for the project specification to provide you with a complete bespoke solution. Also provided are the number of plywood panels required and number of t-nuts. 

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