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Cal Mico
Wow Girona is so beautiful! I was lucky enough to visit the town and get to talk to the local climbers, finding out what they would love in the new gym. This gym is elegant and sophisticated. The design is created to provide plenty of different angles with subtle transitions between creating areas for all ages and abilities. Climbing here is a family affair. Important features include the fun kids area with slide and tower, within viewing distance of the bar, plus the extra matting for the silks classes.

Location: Girona, Spain

Opening: 2020

Type: Bouldering Gym

Matting: Flipp Crashpads

Construction: Usteto


"The best decision I made to design the new Cal Mico was to trust Michelle's talent. The result is incredible and excellent, we are very happy"- Adria Fontanet (Cal Mico)

Additional works in 2022 include a roped wall facility, kids area, training area and steep roof bouldering, in the same style as the original gym. 
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